Sharing Is Caring

When you meet someone who is authentic, you enjoy their company and admire their honesty to be their true selves.  They seem comfortable in any social situation.

It's most likely that they've become self-aware through a process of self-exploration.

One of the barriers to finding your own authenticity is if you have subconscious beliefs about yourself.


Maybe you feel anxious in social situations?  You want people to like you  (you're not alone it that!) You try and adapt to fit in with different people.  Maybe you've developed a persona that will help hide your perceived imperfections - keeping you safe from the judgement of others.

You may have perceived that you're bad or that there is something different about you - but not in a good way. You try to fit in and be the likeable person you think you should be by adopting personalities from others who have impressed you.

Your authentic self is who you were in childhood before negative influences smothered your mojo.  You were vibrant, spontaneous, courageous, enthusiastic, you had no pretense, you had fun and you loved to explore.

Perhaps negative influences from abuse or criticism began very early for you, so you didn’t have the opportunity to be any of the above. There is still hope that you can find your own authenticity and thrive.

Maybe you've tried to cope using many different distractions - eating disorders (under/overeating), drug and alcohol addiction, sex addiction or gambling.

You might use controlling behaviour or violence to try and feel that you have some power when really you feel powerless. This could be learned behaviour from how you were previously treated.

The very thing you're ashamed of is the last thing you want anyone to know about.

Over the years you have learned how to hide it, so breaking that cycle seems almost impossible.

Counselling can help you explore these subconscious beliefs, many people have found that talking it through in a safe, confidential environment has been the medium through which they've found their own authenticity.

Maybe you feel it’s your time to access help and support. It’s your time to begin your journey to finding your own authenticity.

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